Expected Winter 2019


Our next litter of puppies will be in winter or early spring of 2019/2020. Please check back later! 

See Adoption Information page for more info on what you can expect with your new puppy. 

Nova x Rebel


We loved Nova and Rebels babies so much we decided to have another litter! This will be the last litter with these parents. Their puppies are gorgeous creams and chocolates with sweet personalities, and athletic dispositions.  

Puppy Application

Now Accepting Applications


If you would like to get on the waiting list for one of Nova and Rebels puppies, fill out the adoption application. Applications are reviewed and responded to within 2 days. 

Training Activities


Crate Training: Everyone will crate train, and can stay in their crate quietly and dry for up to 3 hours, and a little longer each day. 

Sit on command and leash training: Each puppy will learn to sit and walk on a leash. We work with them for about 5 minute sessions a couple times a day. Each day they are a little better!

New Sounds: They are exposed to all different sounds, and learn to ignore by observing the adult dogs and the people. They go outside on trash day, hear fire trucks drive by, and general traffic sounds outdoors. 

Socializing: We have 2 adult dogs who live with us, and are very good with teaching young puppies proper dog etiquette. They get to play together and the puppies look forward to outside play time with them. 



These puppies are extremely sweet and want to cuddle. They also love to play with the adult dogs, and are very outgoing. 

Size & Coat Type


 These puppies will be medium sized, between 30 and 40 pounds. Both parents are both 35 pounds.  

Shadow Mountains Bright Star Nova


  • Size:                      Medium
  • Coat:                     Fleece
  • Color:                    Chocolate
  • CAER:                   Normal
  •  PrcdPRA:             Clear
  • OFA Hips:              Good
  • eVet Diagnostics Hips: Excellent
  • Elbows:                  Normal
  • Patella:                  Normal
  • Cardiac:                 Normal
  • ALAA:                   066353
  • ALCA:                   126-03242017-072-LB1
  • Sire:               Country N Talaki Ridge Standing Ovation
  • Dam:              Shadow Mountain Chocolate Latte  

Shadow Mountains Rebel with a Cause


  • Size:                   Medium
  • Coat:                   Fleece
  • Color:                  Creme
  • CAER:                 Normal
  • PrcdPRA:             Clear
  • PennHIP:             Right .32 Left .33
  • OFA Hips:           Excellent
  • Elbows:               Normal
  • Patella:               Normal
  • Cardiac:              Normal
  • ALAA:                 055678
  • ALCA:                 126-09212016-052-LD1
  • Sire:                Country Leading Legend
  • Dam:               Shadow Mountain's Chocolate Obsession