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Testimonial from Leo's family, a puppy from Nova and Rebel's first litter

 We are over the moon in love with Leo.  He is the perfect addition to our family with such a sweet, loving disposition.  Our experience with his adoption has been incredibly positive and we couldn't have asked for a better transition into our family.  We have a two year old labradoodle from a wonderful breeder and it took an extensive search to find something comparable.  To our pleasant surprise Alyssa at Gateway Labradoodles went above and beyond our previous experience.  Not only is Leo from top of the line multi-generational Australian Labradoodles (super important to me as I have a dog allergy) but he received top notch care and training that has carried over and made his adaptation to our family so much easier.  

We didn't end up crate training our first dog even though we wanted to and tried.  But because Leo was introduced to the crate before he came home with us, he has been sleeping in his crate from day 1 with no effort or training on our part.  This has been such a blessing to us and has made life so much easier.  He also started using his designated potty spot from the first day thanks to Alyssa's training on using only certain places for potty time.  We are also grateful that he had exposure to other adult dogs as I think this has helped him adapt to living with our other dog.  He really is loving having an older sister and they have gotten into a daily routine of playing and napping together.  One other thing that has greatly benefited us is the puppies getting exposure to different noises.  We have construction going on right next door to us that produces lots of loud noises of many varieties all day long.  These have not phased Leo in the slightest and he naps right through all the commotion.  

Above all, Leo is the friendliest dog who greets us with a tail wagging a mile a minute and who can't wait to jump in our laps for a snuggle.  Oh, and he also taught himself how to sit!  We love our smart, sweet, playful pup.   

The Fleury Family

Charlotte, NC


Who are we?

Hello! My name is Alyssa, and I am breeder based in Saint Louis, Missouri. I raise Australian Labradoodles in my home, with the help of my wonderful family. When I was a teenager, I visited the home of my best friend and daughter of Shadow Mountain Labradoodles and I fell in love with the Australian Labradoodle. 

When my friend and I began high school, Shadow Mountain retired a female and gave me and my family the chance to take her home. I had to beg my mom, and told her Tessa was perfect, sweet, motherly, and house trained. She said yes! My mom immediately fell in love with Tessa and claims Tessa as her own dog. Years later, my mom agreed to become a guardian home for a breeding female, who is now enjoying her retirement in our home. 

Over the years, I have participated in the internship opportunities that Shadow Mountain has offered which has led me to join their Raising the Breeder Bar program. Shadow Mountain created this program to give new breeders a solid understanding of correct practices. Joining the program led me to adopt Shadow Mountains Bright Star, Nova, to be my first breeding female.


I recently graduated from the University of Missouri-St Louis with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, emphasis in management. I am using my knowledge of business management, the guidance and teaching from the Raising the Breeder Bar program,  and my love and commitment to this breed, to bless families with a wonderful and loving new family companion. 


Who is Shadow Mountain?

Shadow Mountain Australian Labradoodles is located in Southern California, and has been working with Australian Labradoodles for over 11 years. They began Raising the Breeder bar to kindly teach breeders all over the nation responsible breeding practices that they have learned through their own experience. To learn more about who they are, click this link ShadowMountain. 


My Goal

I am committed to breeding quality, loving family companions and I aim to spread the joy of owning a Gateway Labradoodle by reinforcing the natural qualities of the Australian Labradoodle; eagerness to please, intelligence, calmness and joy. Finding the perfect home for each individual puppy, by matching family and puppy personality, is key to the success and happiness of your new family companion.